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Dentures are a great way to have an awesome smile and to be able to eat when you only have a few natural, healthy teeth remaining. There are several types of dentures and materials that can be used when a denture is needed. When you come in for your initial exam, Dr. Stoker will make sure to take the time needed to explain all of the options and find the best course of treatment for you. Once you have decided to start your treatment your first visit will be to take impressions, measurements and find the correct tooth shade for your denture. After all of the needed information is collected we then send that information to a laboratory where the dentures are made. Once the denture returns from the lab you usually have several appointments to make sure that denture fits and looks correct.

Thanks to modern day tooth implants, there are also many ways we can make your dentures more comfortable and natural looking. By adding just a few dental implants underneath a denture, you can take an uncomfortable denture that never seems to stay in place, and create a much more stable and easy to use denture.

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