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“I got a root canal the other day and was dreading going to the dentist to get it taken care of. I found Dr. Stoker and his staff online and decided to see if I could make an emergency appointment. They took me right in, and you would have never known I was a new patient. Emily, Brooke, Chanda, and Dr. Stoker treated me with great care.
He took the time to get the pain under control and set an appointment for another day. When I came in, they were ready to put me in the chair and get to work. He answered any questions I had and addressed any concerns that may arise. As we looked at the X-Rays together, he showed me what would be involved in the root canal procedure and the options of filling the tooth verses putting on a crown.
My fear was completely dispelled and as we went through the process of taking care of the tooth, the staff was very attentive to my comfort and care, I mean I got to watch Netflix for heaven sakes. Couldn’t quite get Angry Birds figures out though, kind of tough with someone’s hands in my mouth. :)
This was an awesome experience, and I look forward to having him as my permanent dentist.
Thanks you everyone in the office, you truly made my experience one to remember.”
BrandonH – Google Places Page


“I’m a retired healthcare professional of 20 years. My experience with Dr. Brigham Stoker and his staff was outstanding. I had previously seen two other providers that while competent, were just not being as effective as Dr. Stoker. Where I once had been in pain from heat sensitivity for 6 months on one of my teeth, Dr. Stoker and staff definitely fixed this for me in a short amount of time. There is a team effort at this practice. They work together, they get it. The left hand knows what the right hand is doing! I feel that I’m being well taken care of when I go there. I get treated like I treated my patients, by treating everyone like they were my own mother and father. Salt Lake City Dental Center is my preferred Dental Healthcare Provider from now on.”
Greg Owens – Salt Lake City Dental Center’s Facebook Page


“Dr. Stoker is the best. Thoroughly professional and caring, yet easy to talk to, like a next door neighbor. His staff are wonderful too, and the office is sooooo comfortable (the chair massages your back). I’ve had lots of dentists in my life (I’m 65) and Dr. Stoker is at the top of the list.”
rubart – Dentist Dig website  


“I have visited Dr. Stoker three times. I like that some Saturdays are available, and I feel informed about the work I’m having done, and the choices I have. I’ve had other dentists that made me feel they were making choices for me. I get the opposite feeling here. The Netflix on above your head and the earphones make the time fly. Great friendly staff makes me want to come back just to chat – well, almost.”
Jeff – Google Places Page