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Incredible Dentist in Salt Lake, Dr. Brigham Stoker, DDS

Meet one of the best dentists in Salt Lake City, Dr. Brigham Stoker DDS. He will help make your experience here at the Salt Lake City Dental Center a great one!

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Welcome to Salt Lake City Dental Center’s webpage, home of your new Salt Lake Dentist, Dr. Brigham Stoker DDS! We hope this site will help you get to know our dental practice a little bit better and be useful in helping you make your choice of dentists in Salt Lake City. Our goal is to create a site that helps you, as a dental patient, gain a greater understanding of modern dentistry and the dental services we offer to all patients, with or without dental insurance. As our website grows, we will continue adding educational content and stories of real patients receiving the treatments they need in our Salt Lake dental clinic.  We hope to help you understand concepts like how getting tooth fillings before cavities progress too far can help avoid more costly procedures, how to know when you may need a dental crown, how a root canal isn’t as bad as you think, how mini dental implants can stabilize your existing dentures, how standard dental implants are changing dentistry, and how invisalign, 6 month braces, or comprehensive orthodontics can change your smile.  And ultimately, we want to demonstrate that whether you are looking for basic tooth whitening or a full mouth reconstruction, we will do our best to provide the same high quality of service and comfort to every patient. Take a look around our site, and check back for updates soon. Thanks for visiting!

-Dr. Brigham Stoker, DDS  (and staff!)


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“Had my checkup with Dr. Stoker and his team, x-rays, exam, and teeth cleaning. They were fantastic—professional, friendly, and gentle. Enjoyed the ceiling-mounted television with Netflix for me to watch while they worked on my teeth…forgot I was even at the dentist. They didn’t have that rushed “cattle processing” feeling that most offices have, but paid good attention to me, reviewed my oral health with me, and answered my questions. Offices were very clean with modern equipment and furnishings. Will definitely use this dentist from here on.” -Mike B.

“After years of poor dental work done on my 2 back molars I finally found my Super Dentist! He saved my mouth from years of torture. I thought I was going to have to pull them both and I was just starting to get used to the idea because the pain of my gums was just too much to bare. Strangely enough that didn’t even come up in conversation. He fixed both of my sub-par crowns, took out the old silver remnants that was possibly causing some of the pain. He said I could have been allergic to the metal trapped under my crowns that none of the other dentists cleared out and the shape of the old crowns were trapping everything that went in and I couldn’t get it out. Now just 1 week later, my gums feel like nothing was ever wrong and my horrid tooth aches are gone! I mean honestly! I will be recommending Dr Stoker to all my friends and family. He is amazing and his staff is great too. I still can’t believe he fixed it! This is like 5 dentists later. It’s amazing.” -Heather H.

“Everyone knows that the first time that you see a new dentist it is the most nerve racking experience. When I walked into his office his staff automatically made me at easy. Dr. Stoker and his staff teat you with the respectable and best possible care. They also are great at explaining what is needed to complete your dental needs. This was the best part and experience that I have ever had. Dr. Stoker seems to have the most equipment as it appears to me. I had some problems with pain Dr. Stoker and his staff was able to help resolve it and explain it to so that I could understand. Would I recommend him and his staff that is an astounding yes.” -Gerry F.

 “I’m a raving new fan of Dr. Stoker. I am so impressed. He is honest and will tell you candidly what your options are. He is skillful, has steady hands and is careful to make sure you aren’t experiencing any pain whatsoever. I didn’t even feel the needle go in. That’s huge for me. His office is beautiful and professional, and his staff is exceptional.” -Jory A.

“Doctor Stoker is the BEST. We found his practice online, during an emergency. He called me back late on a Saturday night just to make sure I was taken care of. Dr. Stoker and staff have been extremely nice, professional and honest. Their facility is top-notch and comfortable. I have many family members in the dental field, yet I have never met someone of his caliber. If you’re thinking about calling him, you will not regret it. I will remain his patient as long as possible. Keep up the great work!!” -Kirk M.