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Welcome to the Salt Lake City Dental Center website, home of your new Salt Lake City Dentist! I hope this site will help you get to know our dental practice a little bit better and be useful in helping you make your choice of dentists in Salt Lake. My goal is to create a site that helps you, as a dental patient, gain a greater understanding of modern family dentistry and the dental services we offer to all patients, with or without dental insurance. As our website grows, I plan to continue adding educational content and stories of real patients receiving the treatments they need in our Salt Lake dental clinic. I want to help you understand concepts like how getting tooth fillings before cavities progress too far can help avoid more costly procedures, how to know when you may need a dental crown, how a root canal isn’t as bad as you think, how mini dental implants can stabilize your existing dentures, and how standard dental implants are changing dentistry. And ultimately, I want to demonstrate that whether you are looking for basic tooth whitening or a full mouth reconstruction, we will do our best to provide the same high quality of service and comfort to every patient. Take a look around our site, and check back for updates soon. Thanks for visiting!

-Dr. Brigham Stoker, DDS  (and staff!)